Thursday, May 25, 2017

Stone by Stone

It's been said that most of the time, you won't recognize the Lord's hand in your life until you look back. How very true that is.

When I got home from my mission it felt like my life was falling apart, when it was falling into place. In the moment I was confused as to why everything was happening, I didn't understand what He was doing. I felt like all of the things that I had planned on and prepared for were good (key phrase, 'I had planned'), but He had something else in mind for me that was so much greater than what I could personally envision. Something I would never trade, change, or give up now. He had been placing the path out before me for years, stone by stone. With each decision I made, trying to follow the promptings I received and trusting that He knew what was best for me, I was guided to where I needed to be. I was unaware of the small miracles that were taking place around me almost daily until one day it finally dawned on me what He had actually done. The fog lifted and I was able to see what He had been creating all along.

So, if you feel that nothing is working, that your world is crumbling around you, that you are surrounded by darkness, hold on. There is a reason behind the pain. He loves you and won't have you go through any amount of pain unless there is good that can come from it, and He had His Son feel the exact same pain that you may be enduring so you wouldn't have to go through it alone.

 He has a divine plan for your life and He is in the details. Take time every day to sit for a moment and recognize the tender mercies that have taken place, no matter how small they may appear to be. If you are willing to open up your eyes, and ask for help to see it, the Lord's hand will appear all around you. I can promise and testify of that, because He does it for me daily.

Remember that heaven is cheering you on.

You've got this, because He's got this. 


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